Mid-Year Check-In: Conveyor System Trends 

The conveyor industry is continuously evolving, especially with an unprecedented 2020 behind us and unknowns still lurking ahead. We at Quintec make it a priority to stay abreast of recent trends in our industry and consider the impact these trends have on us, our clients, and the solutions we provide. 

Warehousing and Distribution Needs

The warehousing and distribution industry has inspired an almost endless need for conveyor systems since the advent of e-commerce and the continuing need for quick, consistent, and reliable solutions due to the coronavirus. Since 2007, Amazon, the worldwide leader in e-commerce, has increased its storage and warehousing footprint exponentially. Alongside Amazon, other e-commerce entities are also growing at alarming rates, leaving warehousing and distribution spaces in unprecedented demand and vacancy at an all-time low. As we continue to turn to convenient and expedient service from these e-commerce providers, and even as automation becomes an industry standard, conveyor systems remain irreplaceable in the warehousing and distribution sectors.  

Silence is a Virtue 

A workplace filled with noise and distractions leaves you vulnerable to unnecessary liabilities. Conveyor engineers and manufacturers are focusing closely on providing conveyor system solutions that are not only efficient, but quiet. Automatic conveyors trump outdated chain conveyors by performing their duties quietly and efficiently, boasting energy-efficient rollers and motors. These adjustments allow employees to work in more peaceful environments free from auditory distractions and save your enterprise precious operation costs.


As with all industries, the impact of COVID-19 on the conveyor industry is undeniable. As social distancing and mask mandates continue to drift in and out as legal requirements, companies are finding creative ways to ensure their workspaces are both legally-suitable and comfortable for their employees. Stationing employees further apart and installing polycarbonate barriers along the edges of a conveyor system are all tactics businesses are employing to establish a safe, inviting, and ergonomic workplace in the wake of COVID-19. Oftentimes, this involves making minor (sometimes major) adjustments to an existing conveyor system, to either accommodate a greater number of employees or establish firm social distancing boundaries. 

Not only does Quintec Integration provide the industry’s most innovative and reliable conveyor systems, such as accumulating conveyors, portable conveyors, gravity conveyors, sanitary conveyors, live roller conveyors, we also specialize in custom and replacement parts for your existing equipment. If it involves a conveyor, we have the solution for you. To learn more, contact Quintec Integration.


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