Quintec is a full-service material handling system integrator that engineers, installs and supports virtually any project that involves a conveyor. Established in 1999, we have become a leader in conveyor integration and the quintessential choice for both small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and the US government.

Simplifying Package Sanitization Operations With Well-Designed Conveyors

Simplifying Package Sanitization Operations With Well-Designed Conveyors As businesses grow and tried-and-true processes become outdated, companies are continuously reviewing their production practices to ensure they are up to code. The top priority on everyone’s minds? Safety and cleanliness. Conveyors are much more than just moving one object from Point A to Point B. The most

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The Automation Revolution: Conveyors & Robotics

The Automation Revolution: Conveyors & Robotics We’re on the horizon of an automation revolution. With robotic material handling technology growing more ubiquitous every day, many organizations find themselves attracted by the appeal of such convenient solutions. Installing modern technology and robotics into warehouses and distribution centers will surely simplify operations—but when it comes to

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Mid-Year Check-In: Conveyor System Trends

Mid-Year Check-In: Conveyor System Trends  The conveyor industry is continuously evolving, especially with an unprecedented 2020 behind us and unknowns still lurking ahead. We at Quintec make it a priority to stay abreast of recent trends in our industry and consider the impact these trends have on us, our clients, and the solutions we

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Quintec Reinvents Its Culture With New Headquarters

Author: Material Handling Wholesaler A year ago, Quintec Integration Inc. opened its new headquarters, bringing a bit of Silicon Valley-type atmosphere to the Milwaukee area. “This reminds me of a mini-Google,” said James Deppoleto, founder and president of Quintec, of the new headquarters. The 20,000-square-foot complex, located west of Milwaukee

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Quintec Receives Prestigious Governor’s Award

Author: Material Handling Wholesaler Out of more than 300 nominees, Quintec Integration, Inc. was recognized as the leading companies in Wisconsin at MARKETPLACE, the Governor’s Conference on Minority Business Development, winning the Minority Business Enterprise Outstanding Small Business Award. The top award winners were announced at an awards luncheon on

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Quintec Wins Small Business Award

Author: Freeman Staff Quintec Integration wins small business award. Company recognized as a leader in the state. Out of more than 300 nominees, Quintec Integration, Inc. in Waukesha was recognized as one of the leading companies in Wisconsin at MARKETPLACE, the Governor's Conference on Minority Business Development, winning the Minority

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Why Smarts Are Central To Internet of Things In The Warehouse

Author: Material Handling Wholesaler By Roberto Michel The connected warehouse, enabled in part by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, is a concept that’s gaining interest as companies try to cope with e-commerce service level and cost reduction pressures. But, is this concept more vision than reality? The short answer is

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Quintec Integration, Inc.’s corporate office, located in Waukesha, WI, is the hub that supports the company’s national presence. Our clients’ needs are always the number one priority and everyone at Quintec Integration, Inc. prides itself on satisfying every customer’s needs and exceeding every customer’s expectations. If you would like to contact us, please call or complete the form on this page. Thank you!


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